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Aware Electronics Corp.
P.O. Box 4299, Wilmington DE 19807 USA

Makers of PC based and stand alone Geiger Counters, Radiation-Radon Monitors, as well as other monitors for use with PCs plus easy to use software for those interested in the quantum side of nature.

All our products are made in the USA. Incorporated in 1989, Aware Electronics has been designing and building radiation monitors for over twenty years. During that time we have perfected many aspects of the radiation monitors as-well-as the software.

Aware Electronics monitors include an Exclusive Discriminator which provides detection capabilities 1000 Times Higher than many of our competitors. (See: Aware Electronics exclusive radiation monitor design)

Aware Electronics Corp. line of instruments: Versatility, Reliability and Value.

Aware Electronics Corp. RM-80 plugged into our LCD-90 Pro Micro-Controller Data-Logger

RM-80 and LCD-90

Photo from Bill DiPuccio's excellent Science Et Cetera Blog

Please Note: All Aware Electronics software is completely year 2038 compliant.

Even Tiny (This mini-graph updated Thu Feb 22 07:18:30 2018 East Coast US time) A real-time mini-graph generated by Aware's Aw-graph program displaying nuclear flea level (Radon decay products) in southeastern Pennsylvania. (See Latest Data graph below). Aw-graph plots not only radioactivity but any ascii data. Resize with an easy to use zoom box. These make great real-time scrolling mini-graphs in a small window. We've added a gif dump function to Aw-graph program for easy (even automatic) placement of graphs on the Internet.

  • Aware Electronics Remote Radiation Sites (Including locations in Japan)

    New for 2002-2016: We have completed our Aw-Radw Windows program for highly accurate use under any version of Windows post Windows 95. Now includes a very sensitive Auto Tracking Alarm System:

  • Info about our new full featured Windows NT-2000-XP-Win7-Win8-Win10 (32 or 64 bit) program Aw-Radw

    LCD-90 RM-80 Bluetooth

  • New Instrument Available: Aware Electronics LCD-90 Pro MicroController - Data-Logger The LCD-90 Pro includes a built-in USB port as well as a built in serial port. Also included are internal battery holders that accept either two AAs, three AAAs or one nine volt battery. We include three AAA batteries installed. As with all our instruments and software, if you are displeased for any reason you can return the LCD-90 Pro within 45 days for a full refund. Up to this point nobody has returned a LCD-90 nor have any failed. They are designed to last a lifetime.

    Shown to the left are Aware's LCD-90 Pro and RM-80 Pro. A Class 1 Bluetooth Adapter with built-in rechargable Lithium Ion battery is plugged into the LCD-90's serial port, feeding real-time data wirelessly to Aw-Radw seen in the background. A radioactive rock was placed on top the RM-80 Pro causing the graph to rise.

  • Click here for info: Aware's New LCD-90 Pro MicroController - Data-Logger

    LCD-90 and RM-80 in hard shell case

  • Shown to the left is the LCD-90 Pro and RM-80 Pro in a Hard Shell Case with Belt Clip, Handle and Adjustable Velcro Spacers.

  • If you purchase the LCD-90 Pro and the RM-80 Pro we will include the case and extra coiled cord no charge. Just remind us when ordering.

    Why Aware Electronics Radiation Monitors are best:
  • Our exclusive interface and design
    Aware Electronics Corp.'s primary products are a group of Micro Roentgen Radiation Monitors including the RM-60, RM-70, RM-80 and RM-G90 monitors. These palm sized units are assisting universities, professionals, hobbyists and laymen worldwide.

    RM-60 RM-80 They provide an interesting powerful and easy method of detecting and plotting ionizing radiation on a desktop, laptop or tablet PC.

    No need for batteries or external transformers. An efficient regulated power supply draws a minute amount of power from the computer port. Each monitor is extremely rugged and accurate. Many thousands have been sold since 1989 and the first are working as new.

    Excellent for educational and industrial purposes as well as for checking minuscule amounts of contamination in foods, water, ceramic materials and more or for continuously monitoring background radiation levels including radiation due to the presence of Radon and decay products.

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    Aware Electronics Corp. RM-G90 Pro

    RM-G90 Pro

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    Aware Electronics Corp. RM-80s help establish radiation safety inside the US Coast Guard LORAN-C transmitter building located in George Washington and serving the US and Canadian West Coast.


    Time Line-Synopsis of Loran Exposure History
    by ETCM Charles Severance (USCG, ret. ) 2007

    Subcontractor Hartfield-Dawson reports on Non-Ionizing Radiation Measurements at George Loran-C Station. Hartfield-Dawson is subcontractor for TRA Contractor who was conducting a tower inspection for MLCPAC.

  • Tower inspections were to include an EM radiation survey until the OINC at Lorsta George voiced long standing concerns about X-rays. The sub contractor (Hartfield-Dawson) tested and discovered substantial X-rays levels. The contract was then amended to test for ionized radiation at all contracted Lorstas.

  • Ionized radiation emissions were localized to the vacuum tubes in the transmitter.

  • Measurements of X-rays were measured using the Aware Electronics RM-80 radiation monitor. The professional grade type LND-7313 pancake window alpha, beta, X-ray detector has passed all examinations, inspections, tests and calibrations of the LND Quality Assurance Procedures including DCAS MILQ085A, MIL-E-I and appendix B of 10CFR50. Calibration is accomplished in accordance with MIL-STD-45662. Source for Page 12 of 41 calibration and/or dose rates have calibration traceable to NIST.

  • X-ray flux levels were observed to be quite uniform along the panel and window in front of the transmitter output tubes.

  • Due to the dispersed nature of the X-ray source the X-ray count did not greatly decrease toward the center aisle between the two transmitters.

  • Detailed measurements were taken with the standby transmitter at full power, and exposures were high enough that the total time spent by CG personnel or others in front of the transmitter should be limited in accordance with table G-18 of OSHA ž1910.96(b) 29 CFR CH. XVII (7-1-92 Edition) which specifies a maximum dose of 1.25 Rems per calendar quarter.

  • Hazardous X-ray levels detected at all contracted Lorstas.
    Radiation Level at Chadds Ford PA (RM-60 - Latest Week)
    Note the RM-60 is on a ledge approximately 6 inches above the floor in a room above the basement. The basement contains some Radon. Slight shifts in the background radiation levels are due to slight movements of the RM-60 in relation to the floor.

    RM-60 at Chadds Ford PA

    Last Six Hours Expressed in ÁSv/hr.
    (Note 1ÁSv = 100ÁR standardized to Cesium 137)
    RM-60 at Chadds Ford PA

    Radon Fleas in Living Area

    Above and below are graphs generated with Aware's RM-60 feeding a leftover XT laptop.

    They show fluctuating Radon levels in southeastern PA covering several months. Radon levels measure between 0.5 and 2 picocuries per liter air.

    Radon Fleas in Lower Area

    Please Note: In the interest of variety, as of Aug. 31st 1998 11:00 pm we switched from a RM-60 + Fan-Filter to a RM-80 + Fan-Filter for the real time graphs on this web site. We also moved the sensor to the basement area as opposed to the living room area. See the next graph on this page for the latest RM-80 data.

    View above graph and archive graphs full size, (Thu Feb 22 07:18:30 2018 East Coast US time) (plus Fan-Filter info.)?

    Radon Fleas in Basement

    Last Few Days. Notice spikes. Spikes seem to correlate with wind direction from know Radon out gassing areas (Reading Prong)and strong weather patterns. (Note: Slight saw tooth pattern is due to the auto-cycling (on-off) of a dehumidifier in the basement area). A conclusion drawn by Aware Electronics after observing the graphs on this web site along with wind direction for the last year: Radon and Radon decay products can be carried by the wind from even hundreds of miles away, before entering your house. It is possible that Radon decay products can settle out and therefore build up in your house. Air contains perhaps 7 million dust particles per liter. Dust containing Radon decay products remains suspended outdoors due to wind. When the dust containing air enters the house the lack of wind allows the dust to settle out somewhat after which the remaining dust reduced air is replaced with more outdoor air diffusing into the house, with a fresh load of radioactive dust. In other words it is possible for the house to act as a large filter concentrating outdoor Radon decay products within the house.

    View MOVING GRAPH + more data updated on Thu Feb 22 07:18:30 2018(East Coast US time)?

    Basement's Latest Week (RM-80 + Fan-Filter + USB-MSP + Aw-Radw):

    Radon Fleas in Lower Area

    Click here for just the latest data: The Latest Data

    Latest Fleas Animated

    The Radon graphs at this web site show Alpha-Beta hits reported in counts per unit time. The hits are coming from Radon decay products. They have collected on a small polyurethane filter. The filter is mounted next to the RM-60's Alpha-Beta window (older data) or RM-80's Alpha-Beta (newer data).

    The count rate is in direct correlation with Alpha and Beta particle flux. The radioactivity of the filter is in direct correlation with what is going on in the lungs of any person breathing the same air as is passing through the filter. In many respects this information is much more useful for the user as compared to a Radon report in the form of picocuries Radon per liter air. For example a forced air filter system could remove a large percentage of Radon decay products from the air thereby reducing the health threat but the filter system would not remove any Radon gas and therefore a standard Radon test would show no reduction in Radon level even though the health threat was greatly reduced. Never-the-less the counts per unit time figure included in these graphs can be converted to picocuries Radon per liter air given the correct factor. For more info about monitoring and reducing Radon decay products see: Frequently asked questions

    Late addition. New add-on available: Solid State Relay Kit. Let Aware software and an IBM clone control your mitigation fan. Chop off those Radon peaks! For info about Alarm Software + Solid State Relay Kit, see bottom of price list Price List
    An example complete Geiger Counter educator's kit includes an Aware Electronics RM-80 Geiger detector with a protective cover, cables and a USB-MSP microcontroller interface, software and support material on a CD, a container of NoSalt«, a sample of clumping cat litter, plastic containers useful for monitoring the activity of samples and the Hot Balloon kit supplement. Right image is closeup of the RM-80.

    Educator's Kit RM-80 up close

    Decay Curve Graph

    With an Aware Electronics RM unit and your PC,

    one can generate real time graphs. The above graph is a screen grab of Aware's real-time graphics program Aw-graph displaying a decay curve of Radon-Thoron daughters gathered in a house with less than 2 picocurie Radon per liter air! Aware software set allows easy analysis of the decay curve to determine the percentage of activity due to Thorium versus Uranium. Also spot other "man made" isotopes. Aw-graph also includes semi-log plots and background subtraction.

    View this graph full size (plus Uranium and Thorium info)?

    Photo RM-70,60,80,LCD-60

    Aware's RM-70 ($289), RM-60 ($179.95), RM-80 ($379.50), LCD-60 ($189).

    For more LCD-60 and RM photos see various pages connected to this web site including:A User's Mobile Setup and Multiple RMs per PC. (see photo half-way down page) and RADIOLOGICAL application and also Aware's New LCD-90 MicroController - Data-Logger

    The software included with each RM is very user friendly and non-intrusive to your PC environment. You can even run it from your floppy. Setup is easy. Simply plug the adapter into a serial port and start the software. It makes for a very interesting PC application.

    Top of RM-60 Brochure
  • Click for Brochure text area scan (Includes info about the standard software.)

    Aware default programs in Windows

    Monitor several locations each in a different MS Window or from the DOS prompt

    (Jan. 1996, pg.44, The Real Threat of Nuclear Smuggling) "In late 1993 Russian "Mafia" assassins allegedly planted gamma-ray-emitting pellets in the office of a Moscow businessman, killing him within months. At least half a dozen similar incidents have been reported in Russia since then".

    More About RM Systems

    The RM-60 along with the user friendly software ($179.95 complete system) monitors and plots radiation from a variety of sources. It includes the highest quality stainless steel geiger tube with alpha-beta window and ceramic back. The RM-60 detects all three types of radiation emitted by radioactive materials namely Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation as well as X-ray radiation down to 8 KEV (8K Electron Volts).

    The RM-70 ($289) and RM-80 ($379.50) monitors include the highest quality, industry standard stainless steel "pancake" tubes (1.125" and 1.75" effective diameter Alpha, Beta, low energy Gamma, X-ray windows). The RM-G90 ($523) includes a 10.5" x 0.8" stainless steel gamma tube (160 cps/milliR/hr). (For more technical specs. click on "RM specs" link above).

    The monitors plug into the serial or parallel port of the P.C. by way of telephone cord turning the computer into a highly sensitive feature packed user friendly microroentgen geiger counter. Data is displayed in a unique scrolling bar chart format and is saved to a file for later review and manipulation. Each point is accompanied by the exact date and time according to the quartz clock in the computer.

    You can use a credit card to order if you desire. If you are displeased for any reason you may return the unit within 45 days for a full refund. (For more order info. click on Price List link above).

    If you decide to order may we suggest the purchase of the additional program Aw-graph.exe for $74.00 or our 32-64 bit Windows program Aw-Radw which includes Aw-Graph.
    Info about our new WIN 98-ME-NT-2000-XP software Aw-Radw
    Both include the ability to view several radiation data files simultaneously including regressions, interpolations, semi-log plots, background subtraction, date-time x-axis, data compression, flash - video page switching and more. Included are real-time automatic updates of data plot(s) as well as old data and/or any ascii data. Aw-graph and Aw-Radw are covered by the 45 day $ back offer. Either are superb add-on programs.

    Note: Several utilities are included with each RM system. These include SEED.EXE which generates random numbers derived from RM pulses (Also see:NEW PROGRAM: AW-RAND random number generator), SECTION.EXE which pulls any Date-Time data segment from a large data file, SETCLOCK.EXE which uses a modem to connect with Atomic Clock in Boulder Colorado, then adjusts PC's clock, Flux Counter, which tallies radiation counts until space-bar is pushed, Stufkbuf.exe which places keystrokes in the keyboard buffer and more.


    Even in a room with only outdoor Radon levels one can gather Radon decay products on a tissue by wiping the screen of a VGA or T.V. and then plot the decay with an Aware monitor and the software. (Half-life Radium B: 26.8 mins., Radium C: 19.9 mins.) Use one of the RM monitors to find Radon entrance points. For example if Radon is entering through a crack, daughter products will deposit around the periphery of the crack. When moving the monitor close to the crack, geiger clicking will increase and the dose rate display will show a rise in radiation due to the highly radioactive decay products. This reveals the crack as a source of Radon entrance.

    We received an interesting phone call from a RM-60 user. He has been an Alpha track dealer for several years and is pleased with the system. He placed a face mask paper filter on the intake of a small vacuum cleaner (e.g. Dust Buster) for two minutes, in a room with approx. 3 picocuries Radon per liter air. Next he placed the paper filter next to the RM-60's Alpha-Beta window. This generated readings of several hundred counts per minute. (Background count rate is normally about 10 CPM). The software then drew a beautiful decay plot of the Radium B + C-C' Radon daughters. The RM-70 and RM-80 would draw a decay curve with 10 and 24 times the data.

    Others have found small amounts of radioactive contamination in drinking water due to Radon, by simply placing the monitor next to a tank of water and noticing the increase in reading. Floor drains, pipe entrances, sump pumps, vent openings and more, all will become radioactive if Radon is entering through and/or around them. The RM system allows you to notice the effectiveness of remedial action.

    Also real-time variations due to water flow, weather conditions, or other variables are revealed on the graph and by way of the geiger click rate and reading.

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    We would be pleased to answer any questions you might have so please don't hesitate to contact us by E-Mail or to pick up the phone, write or fax us with an order. As mentioned above you have 45 days to return the system. Just phone/fax one of the phone numbers at top of the page or email us at