Using Aware Electronics Aw-Radw for Pushing Data to COSM - PACHUBE

Setting up Aw-Radw to push radiation data to COSM - PACHUBE as seen here:

Aware's Real-Time COSM - PACHUBE Feed

Note COSM recently changed their name to xively and now Internet Explorer doesn't display the graphs.
With Google Chrome, the graphs display but only if one clicks Channel "1" or "2".

Go to COSM.COM and create an account. Make sure you save your username and password somewhere.

Create an API key:

Login to your Cosm account and unfold the account menu (the small diamond to the right of your account name). Select "Keys". Now press the [ + Key ] button. Generate a key with the following properties:

- Use any feed
- All access privileges

Now press "Create" and copy the new API key into a text file for future reference.

Create a feed:

Go to the console menu and press the blue colored [ + Device / feed ]. Select "Something else" as device type.

Use the following properties;

- No I will push data to Cosm
- A descriptive title (something like: Radiation Levels at XYZ). Enter GPS coordinates, tags (Radiation, Geiger), description, etc.

You could leave the tags empty but if you enter the tag “Radiation”, others can search for Radiation feeds

Create your datastreams. Examples:
- Datastream
- ID: 0
- Units: MicroSieverts Per Hour
- Symbol: µSv/h
- Datastream
- ID: 1
- Units: Counts Per Minute
-symbol: CPM

Note: Match the "Units" and "Symbol" to your settings in Aw-Radw.

When the new feed is created, make a note of the feed number. You will need this later!

Download CURL.EXE from here: CURL Download

Place it in a folder on your disk drive, for example C:\COSM\curl\

Start Windows NotePad and enter all on one line:

start /min /wait C:\COSM\curl\curl.exe --request PUT --header "X-PachubeApiKey: YOUR_PACHUBEAPIKEY" --data "1,%1" ""

Note that –data “1,%1” tells COSM the data is for stream 1 of your feed number. For stream 0, use: –data “0,%1”, etc.

Save the NotePad file as API_COSM.BAT, for example C:\AWARE\API_COSM.BAT.

Now setup Aw-Radw to send the average radiation level over the last ten minutes, every ten minutes to COSM as follows (assuming you are using a TBU of one minute):

Start or switch to the Aw-Radw which will be gathering your radiation data.

Click menu item: “Alarm Options” – “Points to Average for Alarm” and enter 10.

Click menu item: “Output Options” – “Trigger a program every X points” – “Choose Trigger Program” then “Files of Type” and choose Bat. Browse to your C:\AWARE\API_COSM.BAT and click to select it.

Click menu item: “Output Options” – “Trigger a program every X points” – “Command Line Argument for Trigger Program” and enter the % character.

Click menu item: “Output Options” – “Trigger a program every X points” – “Choose Number of Points per Trigger” and enter 10.

Click menu item: “Output Options” – “Trigger a program every X points” – “Trigger Program Yes-No” and click to check “Trigger Program Minimized”.

To save the settings in Aw-Radw, either close the program normally or menu item: “Screen” – “Program Defaults” – “Save Current Setting”

Start Aw-Radw collecting your radiation data. Once per ten minutes it will feed the ten minute average to your COSM feed.

When setting up your COSM account and feed, include a description of your radiation monitor, for example “Aware Electronics Corp. RM-60” and a reference to our website in case viewers might want to learn more about your radiation monitor.

Note some Aw-Radw users use the “Trigger a program every X points” feature to trigger a batch or script file to generate graphs and ftp them to a website. In such a case, at the end of the API_COSM.BAT file, add a command to run your graph batch or script file.

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