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Craig's Mobile Setup (RM-80 + LCD-60)

Craig's Mobile Setup

From Craig:

I recently got a digital camera, so here is a picture of some of my radiation stuff. The 1000CX (HP's Paltop PC) is in the part of the yellow box that is beyond the RM units next to the coiled cord. I got the Radio Shack RJ crimper, and made cords from old handset cords which is nice. To the right of the LCD units is some 2.5" square pieces of plastic, aluminum, and steel of various thicknesses for tests.

I hope you are doing well. I'll check your WWW page to see if you have anything new.


Craig Brown has been experimenting with his LCD-90 and RM-80 hooked up to a custom Radon sampling fan. Also in photo another RM-80 connected to his LCD-60:

Craig's setup

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