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Please Note: Aware Electronics Windows Program Aw-Radw includes all the features of Aw-Fast but in a Windows program. We also include a copy of the DOS programs Aw-Fast.Exe and Aw-Graph.Exe with the package, no charge. Info: Aware's New Aw-Radw Program

AW-FAST New Program: For fast data collection

Aw-Fast Demo

Decay Demo

We received a request from a user (Professor Tek Lim (University of California Berkeley, Nuclear Engineering) who desired a shorter TBU (Time Base Unit) to allow plotting decay curves of short half-life isotopes (on the order of 28 seconds) so we polished up our Aw-Fast.exe and programs. This software package (AW-FAST: $49) is available for Aware customers.

Fast Demo

The standard rm software package includes the ability to gather and display radiation data with each point derived from a 10 second TBU or 60 second TBU or multiple thereof. Aw-Fast software allows TBUs of from 1 second on up. This makes for a fast scrolling real-time graph. In addition to the standard bar-chart mode included in Aw-Fast, one can view the data real-time with Aw-graph. (Aw-Graph knows how to convert the time in a data file with any TBU using seconds as does Aw-Fast).

For TBUs shorter than one second, Aw-Fast package can also use timer tick TBUs. IBM clone PCs generates 18.2 timer ticks per second.

Aw-Fast includes all additional features found in the standard software.

For more information about AW-FAST package, contact:
Bryan Boardman at Aware Electronics.
Phone: (800)729-5397 or Phone/Fax: (302)655-3800

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