Below just the latest data graphed. (See bottom of page for animated graph). Notice daily pattern. Also notice spikes. These correlate with northwest winds. (Northwest winds pass over Radon out gassing areas i.e Reading Prong).

Latest Fleas in Lower Area

Zooming in on latest data. First plot is all the data. Next set of plots zoom in, more and more, on the most recent data. Aw-graph is generating these screens. It is set with auto-scale Y-axis on, so each plot's max. and min. values will be at top and bottom of each plot. Also, the average minutes of data per point displayed decreases with each zoom. The most zoomed plot (last plot) includes just one minute average per point. The last plot is drawn with different colors. The tight - slight saw-tooth pattern seen in only the most zoomed plot (horizontal sections of plot) is due to the auto-cycling on-off of a dehumidifier in the basement area. The blue plot is generated by Aw-graph's polynomial function with nine degrees of freedom.

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Latest Fleas Animated

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Real-Time Graphs

6 Hour Graph

Radon Fleas in Basement

24 Hour Graph

Radon Fleas in Basement

7 Day Graph

Radon Fleas in Basement

28 Day Graph

Radon Fleas in Basement

365 Day Graph

Radon Fleas in Basement

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