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Running Aw-Radw under Linux and Linux Code

Running Aw-Radw under Linux

An E-Mail about running Aw-Radw under Linux: Collect RAD Data with the AW-RADW program under Linux

Linux Code

From: Rik Faith

Recently I was talking with another RM owner and realized that I probably never sent this to you. I know I planned to, but I have not record of doing so. It is a program to read RM-60 data from the serial port on a Linux machine and is open source under standard X11/MIT copyright. I hope you or your customers might get some use from it.
Rik's Linux C code

Vadim Tsozik's Modification of Rik's Linux C code

"Does this prove that Port Chicago was a nuclear accident? No. It confirms only that there's higher than normal background radiation in the places where it was measured":
Ian Kluft's Background Radiation Measurements near Port Chicago. GPS and geiger counter data logging

Archive of Ian Kluft's Background Radiation Measurements near Port Chicago. GPS and geiger counter data logging

John Walker's Linux Code for Random Numbers
Thanks for making the RM-60 -- I've been happy with mine for almost a year now! My graphs of background radiation are at:
From Steinar who includes USB to serial port Linux code:

Perhaps it will interest other users. I've made a web page describing my use of your sensors (for logging radon levels). It will be updated as the project progresses. Currently, it describes how I've connected an RM-70 to a 1-wire bus:

From: Paolo in Italy


So, yesterday I finally received my new RM60. Now it's plugged on a linux box with the geiger.c program found on your site. I plan on giving it some graphical ability in the near future.

Well, I've been able to clearly measure potassium 40. First, I used a 20 minutes integration time and that' more than enough: my radiation background is 22-23 uR/hr, a small pile of pure KClO3 made the reading jump to 29-30 uR/hr. Given this result, I'm fully satisfied.

At the same distance, I tried one of those uranium doped 5/8inch glass marbles you can buy on Ebay. It made the reading go to 30-31uR/hr. Basically, I was expecting way more from one of those marbles.

Then I wiped clean my TV set: it was already pretty clean to be honest, yet the reading jumped to 70 uR/hr.

I plan on building myself a radon monitor too, and also encasing the geiger in a full lead box with a place to test specimens.



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