Network Operation

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Aware Electronics 32 bit Windows Program Aw-Radw

Excellent for network operation. Info: Aware's New Aw-Radw Program

For network use we have a new program called AW-TRACE.EXE in both 32 bit and 16 bit versions.($99). When run on a networked PC AW-TRACE.EXE will copy radiation data files from any remote "rad" PC to any other workstation or server on the network ("base" PC). One advantage of AW-TRACE.EXE over and above just copying the files in question is that it maintains the base PC copy of the current radiation files without copying over the entire radiation file i.e. it only copies the data necessary to keep the copies current. This can be very useful particularly when connected to a remote RAS server over modems.

AW-TRACE loops through any number of remote rad. files as desired updating the base PC files in turn. It will also auto-detect the most recent rad. file in any directory on the network and can then use the remote file's name for the copied base file's name.

When AW-TRACE.EXE opens and reads the remote PC files, it does so with the correct OS semaphores such that if the remote PC file is already opened by the remote AW-RADW.EXE the OS will allow the second opening of the file.

AW-TRACE.EXE will also auto-run an external program, script or batch file with each successful update cycle which can be useful for preparing graphs then using ftp to copy them to a website.

AW-TRACE.EXE can loop through the update cycles with any time delay desired. Optionally AW-TRACE.EXE will run through the update loop just once then exit. All results are printed to the console. Aw-Trace stores setup and trace parameters in a text file which can be edited.

The 32 bit version of Aw-Trace works only on 32 bit Windows networks. It is very efficient. Program file size is 56K.

Additional features of the 16 bit dos version include auto-monitoring of up to 8 copies of our standard AW-MRAD.COM TSR program i.e. monitoring up to eight RMs per dos PC. In addition it will auto-generate ASCII files from rad. data which can include comma delimited time codes in a number of formats including UNIX, Excel (same as Lotus123, Quattro, Paradox time code), C string time and others.

A tracing example:

1. Remote RAS server with eight RMs configured to auto log-on then load Aw-Radw with each re-boot.

2. A 2nd PC with network share of a folder and AW-TRACE.EXE running with commands to trace the rad. PC files to the 2nd PC's shared folder and then run a script or batch file that prepares graphs from the traced rad. files and uses ftp to copy them to a web site.

In addition anyone on the net who wants to plot the data on their workstation can start Aw-Radw, Aw-graph or Aw-Srad with a auto-refresh plot of the traced data.

With numerous real-time plots on various workstation PCs, without AW-TRACE.EXE every TBU (say every ten seconds) all might try to download the entire data-set from the critical rad. PC. On-the-other-hand with AW-TRACE.EXE each TBU only a small header and 16 bytes of data would be downloaded.

AW-TRACE.EXE (3.2w) $99. To order just write AW-TRACE on order form, E-Mail or phone.

Aware Electronics Corp. +(302)655-3800

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