Another Decay Curve

Notice the incredibly high buildup of radioactivity from the Aware Fan-Filter element after running for several hours in a basement. (RM-80 + Aware Fan-Filter) (Fan-Filter Photos). The difference between background CPM and specimen's peak CPM is large. This represents perhaps 4 to 5 pico curies radon per liter air. EPA suggests with 4 to 20 pico curies radon per liter air one should take action to reduce levels below 4 pico curies per liter air within a few years. With levels less than 4 pico curies radon per liter air EPA suggests that although exposure in this range does represent some risk, reductions at these low levels are sometimes difficult to achieve. Can you image the kind of graphs you could generate if you had a more extensive Radon / Nuclear Flea problem!
810 CPM Decay height=408 width=610

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