Aw-graph's Zoom Feature

Several graphs showing Zoom. Also notice how Aw-graph can generate smaller size graphs, handy for dumping on the Internet or for running real time in a smaller window.
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Lets zoom in on the "Storm of the Century" when winds blew in from the east.

Over 70 days

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Each point on graph is the average hit rate per 10 minutes. Total hits per ten minute period average ~150 hits so statistical error is very low. (Meaning the plot displayed is a true representation of the actual nuclear flea level). With the RM-70 the hit rate would be 10 times greater, and with the RM-80 24 times greater.
A note about software and CPUs. Since the introduction of the 386, PC CPUs have built in, the hardware to run virtual real mode applications, without extra assistance from software. Since this ability is part of the CPU hardware, and not software, Windows can very efficiently switch from Windows, to one or more virtual mode applications, and back, particularly if the applications are not overly large and demanding.

Once such an application is loaded, to switch to it, Windows merely need switch a few CPU registers and handle the FAT when file read writes are made. Programs can pass data very effectively to each other, and to Windows applications, by way of a file, which is very convenient particularly if the data is being stored to a file anyway.

The standard software shipped with each RM system (Aw-srad.exe) draws very nice full color scrolling bar charts in Text Mode, which Windows can very rapidly insert into a shrunken Window, using a smaller Windows font. In fact, Aw-srad.exe's display is so effectively placed in a window by Windows, it might generate one of the fastest scrolling graphs seen in Windows. (Choose Auto speed scroll) Aw-graph draws in VGA mode (or EGA, CGA, Herc, etc.), but Windows seems very speedy at updating a window display of Aw-graph as well, particularly if you tell Aw-graph to make a little bit smaller graph, as are those displayed above.

Aw-srad.exe size: ~ 79K. Aw-graph.exe size ~ 170K, so both programs run very effectively not only on the most advanced PC but also from an XT with just one floppy drive or on a Palm Top like the LX200 from H.P.

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