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The PMI-30 is a high performance pre-amp - amp - threshold detector - precision H.V. generator - PC interface that operates in conjunction with a scintillator - Photo Multiplier tube. Shown is PMI-30 with 1" x 1" NaI scintillator -PM tube + LCD-60.

Aware Electronics Alarm Box add-on allows the triggering of strobe lights, sirens, etc., automatically, when radiation levels exceed any set-point desired. Also, Aware software can dial beepers, phones, etc., and use the PC's modem to "beep" a message about alarm condition.
Alarm Box Interface

Aware Alarm Trigger Box including Weatherproof Strobe Light and/or Weatherproof Siren, interface, cable and software. Meet OSHA's reg. 29CFR 1910.96 & 1910.97. Trigger Box plugs in-line with cable from serial port to RM. Unlike our Solid State Relay Kit (see bottom of price list Price List), the Trigger Box includes a Darlington transistor input for very low current drain from serial port. The Darlington switch connects an included 12 VDC power supply (90 VAC to 240 VAC input) to the 12 VDC strobe and/or siren, etc., with alarm condition (under software control). Special introductory price: $365.

The strobe light and/or siren are "Burglar" alarm grade. Higher quality industrial "Tripp-Lite" strobes are approx. $80 additional. Phone-Write for more details.

Also Available: Economy Darlington Switch Box: $99. Does not include strobe-siren, power supply or status LEDs.

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