Price List

Following is a price list covering Aware's most popular RM units and add-ons. For more information, please be sure to read all the pages of our web site.

P.O. Box 4299 Wilmington DE 19807 USA
Email: (
Phone Orders \ Questions: 800-729-5397 or Phone \ Fax: 302-655-3800
Country of Origin for all Aware Electronic Corp. Products: USA

RM-60, 70, 80, G90 ITEMS PRICE LIST

Complete systems with AW-SRAD version 3.5 dos software, utilities, cable
assembly, two adapters and manual:

RM-60: $179.95
RM-70: $289.00
RM-80: $379.50

Also available: RM-G90 with 10.5" gamma tube: $523.00

We include both a 9 pin and 25 pin serial port adapter plug used to plug the monitor into your computer.

9 pin AT style serial port adapter plug----------------------------N.C.
25 pin XT style serial port adapter plug---------------------------N.C.
25 pin printer port adapter plug (for boot-to-dos PCs)-----------$11.00
Extra adapter plugs---------------------------------------------$11.00

Stand alone 9 volt bat.+ earphone clicker adapter for RM units--$19.00

Operating manual--(free with system order)-----------------------$4.50

Extension cord for RM-60/70/80/G90 cable-------------$2.00 plus 0.28/ft
(Note: You can use standard telephone extension cable to 1000 feet)

LCD-90 Pro Micro-Controller Data-Logger-------------------------$395.50
Click Here For Info: Aware's New LCD-90 MicroController - Data-Logger

Aware Electronics USB-MSP Micro-Controller USB interface---------$99.00
Click Here For Info:
Aware's High Performance USB-MSP Micro-Controller based USB interface

AW-RADW our new full featured Windows program------------------$129.00
(NT-XP-Win7-Win8-Win10(32-64 bit)Use with up to nine RMs.
Includes free lifetime updates. Click for info about Aw-Radw

--------------Fan-Filter Add On plus MAKDECAY program----------------
With US power power supply (120VAC to 12VDC regulated):---------$79.00
With Overseas power supply (105-250VAC to 12 VDC regulated):---$104.00
(Overseas includes adapters for: Europe, England, Hong Kong, Africa,
Israel, Asia, Middle East, Australia, S. America, Caribbean, USA)
Without power supply (tinned power leads):----------------------$64.00
(Fan-Filter Photos)

In addition to the RM-60/70/80, Aware Electronics has available:

RM-G90 with a 10.5" x 0.8" gamma tube (9600 cpm/mR/hr Cs137 gamma)-$523.00
First photo shows the RM-G90 plugged into the LCD-60. Third shows Gamma Sensitivity versus Dose Rate. Click to enlarge:
RM-G90 Scan Eight RM-G90s RM-G90 Gamma Sensitivity

Click for RM-G90 manual

We also construct custom made radiation monitors, for example the RM-G90-3 with three RM-G90 type tubes. These have a gamma sensitivity of 28,800 cpm/mR/hr, Cs137 gamma, and operate the same as all our RMs, i.e. directly connected to a serial port, our USB-MSP and/or our LCD-90.

When two RM-G90-3 devices are connected to our Coincidence Box and placed directly on top of each other, they provide a Cosmic Ray count rate of ~140 Counts per Minute.

Click on photos to enlarge:
RM-G90-3 Scan

AW-GRAPH (An excellent add-on, real time graphing package)------74.00
MAKDECAY program (Includes info on Radon-Thoron decay curves)---39.00

See below about LATE ADDITION: Alarm Software-Solid State Relay kit


UPS or Priority Mail-----------------------------------$9.50 to $12.50
UPS 2nd day air-----------------------Actual Cost Typically $11 to $22
UPS next day air----------------------Actual Cost Typically $27 to $44
Canada International First Class or Priority ---------$16.50 to $35.00
International Express (including custom forms, etc.)-----$44.50 to $52


When placing an order, please be sure to:

  • Identify each instrument and/or software required
  • Be sure to also include:

  • Shipping Address (physical address or P.O. Box)
  • Billing Address (if different from shipping address)
  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
  • Purchase Order Number (if required)
  • Credit Card Information (if used, please include: type of card, card number, expiration date, name as it appears on the card)
  • We accept Mastercard, Euro Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. We think sending an order by e-mail is perfectly safe having never heard a news report of credit card fraud through email. If you are uncomfortable providing credit card information via e-mail please call and we will make sure it gets attached to your order, or you can break the credit card number up into two or more pieces and e-mail each piece in a separate e-mail.

    We can also accept email orders with payment in the form of a scanned image or photograph of a check. Fill out a check and send us an email order with a scanned image or photogragh of the front and back of the check.

    You can also mail us an order with a check or credit card information as above.

    You may Call, Fax, E-mail, or Mail your order to the following:

    P.O. Box 4299
    Wilmington DE 19807 USA
    Email: (
    Phone Orders \ Questions: 800-729-5397 or 302-655-3800
    Fax: 302-655-3800

    Some Other Things Mentioned Elsewhere

    Aware Electronics High Performance USB-MSP Micro-Controller based interface ($99)
    Information about Aware's High Performance USB-MSP Micro-Controller based interface

    Aware Divide by Two adapter for use with any USB to serial port adapter ($49)

    Aware USB to Serial Port (COM port) Adapter including the Divide by Two Adapter allowing any of our past or present RMs and PMI-30s to be used in conjuction with a PC's USB port ($64.95).
    Information about Aware's Divide by Two Adapter and Aware's USB to Serial Port Adapter

    The RM-480 with four 1.75" effective diameter pancake tubes mounted in a rugged aluminum housing with handle ($CALL).
    Aware Electronics Corp. RM-480:

    The RM-680 with six 1.75" effective diameter pancake tubes mounted in a rugged aluminum housing with handle ($CALL).
    Aware Electronics Corp. RM-680 and LCD-90 Pro:

    Aware Electronics Corp. RM-480 and RM-680 with Aware's Mini RM Power-Discriminator mounted with hook and loop tape on the RM-480:
    RM-480 RM-680

    Aware Electronics Corp. Four RM-480s and two RM-680s all plugged into one LCD-90 Pro using snap together MOD phone line, for a total of 28 pancake tubes powered and tallied by the one LCD-90 Pro with its internal battery pack:
    RM-480s and RM-680s

    Aware Electronics Corp. uses a unique technique for generating the high voltage needed by radiation monitors. We have custom designed a miniature high voltage transformer which includes three windings, a primary, secondary and feedback winding, allowing us to create our unique, fully regulated very high efficiency high voltage harmonic oscillator power supply.

    Aware's harmonic oscillator utilizes the natural rhythm of the transformer’s inductance and a capacitor to step-up the low voltage source to a high voltage by-way-of the turns ratio of the primary to secondary. The primary winding of our transformer includes approximately 8 turns and the secondary includes over 2000 turns, thereby stepping up the voltage needed with just two diodes, even with a 1.5 volt input. (Input voltage can range from 1.5 to 20 VDC). Aware's new HV harmonic oscillator is also very low noise due to the transformer's primary winding tank circuit.

    All active components of the high voltage generator are rugged bipolar silicon devices, including the components in the regulating sub-system. Many competitor systems utilize mosfets which can be very sensitive to voltage spikes.

    Aware's Custom Miniature High Voltage Transformer With Enhanced Design as of May 2015 (12mm x 12mm)
    Transformers Available for Purchase in Lots of 1 to 1,000. Phone or write for details.

    Aware's Custom Miniature Transformer

    Aware's Original Transformer
    Aware's Miniature Custom Transformer

    A major advantage of Aware’s high voltage feedback oscillator: The transistor is exposed to only the supply voltage (1.5 to 16 VDC) rather than the several hundred volts of the boost converter technique used by most other radiation monitor suppliers. Aware Geiger counters, with our custom high voltage generator, have been running continuously now for over 27 years and not a single transistor has failed.

    Power Transistor Crystal Damage in Inductive Load Switching: A Reliability Concern. International Business Machines Corporation, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

    A high-voltage n-p-n--n+ type power transistor switching an inductive load for approximately 1000 hours showed no significant variation in the electrical parameters. Infrared scanning, and cross-sectioning and visual inspection of the chip indicated a crystal damage at the n--n+ interface under the center of the emitter. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) investigations revealed the crystal damage to consist mainly of silicon phosphide precipitate platelets surrounded by dislocation loops and dislocation clusters. An analysis using a two-dimensional mathematical model predicts high electrical and thermal stresses at the damaged location of power transistor during its switching applications.

    Conclusion: For longevity and high accuracy choose Aware Electronics line of Radiation Monitors and software.

    Transformers Available for Purchase in Lots of 1 to 1,000. Phone or write for details.
    Aware's Miniature Custom Transformer

    Aware Electronics fully regulated HV generator and discriminator circuit boards available for purchase. Three wire interface: Power supply in plus, minus and signal out. Anode and cathode for Geiger tube(s). 500VDC. Jumpers for 400VDC and 300VDC. Connect plus and minus to your project’s plus and minus (3VDC to 16VDC) and connect signal out directly to your project’s interrupt or counter pin. $59.95 each. Add $12 for HV output wires and HV potting. Phone or write for details.
    Aware's Discriminator HV generator Aware's Discriminator HV generator

    For H.P. LX100/200 Palm Top PC: LX to RM cable: $49. LX to RM Plus cable: $63.

    SCALER BOX snaps in line with the cable from the RM unit to PC (or LCD-60, LCD-90). Divides count rate by sixteen: $85.

    ALARM BOX snaps in line with the cable running from the RM unit to PC and powers up an external strobe light and siren (or anything else) when the alarm level is exceeded: (ALARM BOX + STROBE + SIREN: $365).

    Economy Darlington Alarm-Switch Box: $99. (Does not include strobe-siren, power supply or status LEDs)

    COINCIDENCE BOX DECODER (C-Box) decodes MUON hits through two RM units: $85.
    TRIPLE COINCIDENCE BOX DECODER (Triple C-Box) decodes cosmic shower hits (electromagnetic cascades) through three RM units: $129.
    (Cosmic Ray info.)

    PMI-30 pre-amp, amp, threshold detector, HV generator for use with photomultiplier tubes, neutron counting tubes, etc.: $390 (PMI-30 info.)

    500V-700V-900V Tubeless box with BNC connector for use with external GM tubes: $199.50

    Additional Software Packages

    We offer the following software packages (all with 45 day $ back):

    AW-FAST software package: $49
    (AW-FAST software info.)

    AW-RAND package: $145
    (AW-RAND Random # generator software info.)

    AWCOM.DLL package: $290
    (AWCOMM.DLL 32 bit WIN DLL info.)

    AW-FETCH package. (Generates an unlimited number of radiation file copies from an unlimited number of PCs, to a base PC, by using modem(s) and/or transceivers. Interrupt optimized. (Used for example by Radiologists to remotely monitor I-131 treated patients. Predicts when patient can be discharged). $390 per RM; Site License $990. (Six months $ back).
    (AW-FETCH communications package info.)

    Software Updates

    Purchasers of the Aw-Radw Windows program Aw-Radw are entitled to free updates which include updates of Aw-Srad, Aw-Fast and Aw-Graph: Aw-Radw Updates

    LATE ADDITION: Alarm Software-Solid State Relay kit
    Chop off those Radon peaks.

    Aware Electronics Corp. has available a special version of the radiation software (both the standard collection and display software AW-SRAD.EXE and the TSR program AW-MRAD.COM), which brings a pin high in the serial port when the radiation alarm level is exceeded. All other aspects of the software are identical to the standard set, including the scrolling bar charts. This special software package is called Alarm Software Package.

    As with the standard software set, the alarm level is compared to the average radiation level for any time period desired (user settable). Also the software can automatically start from the autoexec.bat file, so even if power fails and then PC reboots, the software will automatically start.

    This allows the user to carry out many useful functions. For example, a user may wish to control a Radon mitigation fan or HEPA room fan-filter. To do so, he could plug an RM-60, 70 or 80, with or without the Aware Fan-Filter add-on into a PC (any IBM clone including XTs, 200LX Palm Top, etc.). He would tap the serial port output pin (same serial port that the RM unit is plugged into), and connect this lead along with signal ground, to the input of a solid state relay, then connect the output of the relay in-line with the power cord to the mitigation fan or HEPA filter fan. Now, every time the average radiation level exceeds the alarm set point, the solid state relay will start the mitigation or HEPA filter fan. When levels drop below the set point, the fan will deactivate. (See user's page for user's experience User's Page

    Price of the Alarm Software package (part # ASP-1) is $45 when purchased with an RM unit or as an update, and $49 when purchased separately.

    Also available: Solid State Relay Kit (part # SSRK-1) which "snaps" in-line with the telephone cable running from the PC to the RM unit (RM-60, 70, 80, PMI-30, etc.). The Solid State Relay kit contains an opto-isolated solid state relay (with zero crossing triac, input: 3 to 30 volts, 1ma/V; output: 24 to 280 VAC, 10 amps max.) mounted in an ABS box (4.4"x2.44"x1.06"; ABS includes flame retardant), with surface mount MOD jack - wiring box fused to ABS box for easy snap-in connection to the PC serial port adapter included with the RM unit.

    Input circuit includes current limiting diode, to keep current draw from serial port to a minimum. Kit is completely wired, ready to snap in-line with cable from RM unit. All user need do is wire in the mitigation or HEPA filter fan power lead (for example use an extension cord, cut one lead and wire to heavy duty output screw terminals on solid state relay, within the ABS box). Also included: Six feet six conductor telephone cable to run from the PC to the box. Cost of the Solid State Relay kit: $99 If you would like us to wire in a 120 volt plug and socket, add $25.

    Note: All serial port adapters shipped with RM units for the last few years have included wiring of the proper pins for the Alarm software. If your RM unit is older than a few years, we'll include two new adapters, no charge.

    An example order for a complete system follows:

    RM-60 system:----------------------$179.95
    Fan-Filter Add on:-----------------$ 79.00
    Solid State Relay Kit:-------------$ 99.00
    Add the 120 Volt Plug and Socket:--$ 25.00
    Alarm Output Control Software:-----$ 45.00

    One should also consider AW-GRAPH package: $74. As with the standard software, data can be displayed with AW-GRAPH as the Alarm software runs. (Fan-Filter includes MAKDECAY).

    For running under Windows one should order our new Aw-Radw Windows program which includes all the features of the above listed Alarm Output Control Software as well as all the features of Aw-Graph but includes many additional features.
    Information About Aware's New Aw-Radw Program

    In such a case an example order for the complete Windows system follows:

    RM-60 system:----------------------$179.95
    Fan-Filter Add on:-----------------$ 79.00
    Solid State Relay Kit:-------------$ 99.00
    Add the 120 Volt Plug and Socket:--$ 25.00
    Aw-Radw Windows Program------------$129.00

    Please note the above Solid State Relay Kit is for switching 110VAC to 280VAC devices. If you desire to switch 12VDC devices, use our Economy Darlington Switch Box ($99) information about which is found here:
    Information about the Economy Darlington Switch Box

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