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RM-60, RM-70, RM-80, RM-280, RM-480, RM-680 and RM-G90

Case material: ABS material with flame retardant and threaded brass inserts. Case size: 4.4" x 2.44" x 1.06"(11.2cm x 6.1cm x 2.7cm). RM-60 weight: ~110 grams.
Operating temperature range: - 40 C to + 85 C

As mentioned in the RM-60 brochure Aware Electronics has available other types of radiation monitors including pancake tube monitors. Two such units are the RM-70 and RM-80. They are the same size as the RM-60 except the front cover has a 1.5" (RM-70) or 2.4" (RM-80) diameter threaded stem projection, in which is mounted a pancake style geiger tube.

Specs. for RM units: RM-60(712 tube)---RM-70(7231 tube)---RM-80(7313 tube)
Areal Density:-------1.5 to 2.0mg/cm2---1.5 to 2.0------1.5 to 2.0
Eff. Diameter:("/mm)-0.360/9.14---------1.125/28.57-----1.75/44.45
Area:("sq/mm sq)-----0.102/65.61--------0.996/641.08-----2.41/1552
Eff. Length:("/mm)---1.5/38.1-----------0.48/12.19--------0.5/12.7
Eff. Diameter:("/mm)-0.566/14.38--------1.126/28.6------1.75/44.45
Nominal cpm/mR/hr for Cs-137:
Typical Radiation Range for RMs with Deadtime Correction:
0.01 to 10,000 ÁSv/hr., 1.0 to 1,000,000 ÁR/hr., 0.001 to 1000 mR/hr., 0 to 10,000 CPS

Gamma and X-ray sensitivity: less than 10 KEV through end window, 40 Kev through case.

As regards charged particles, including Alpha and Beta, the counting efficiency for any charged particle that enters the active volume of the tube is essentially 100%, therefore the effective counting efficiency is determined by the probability that the incident radiation penetrates the tube window (RM-60, RM-70 and RM-80 window Density: 1.5 to 2.0mg.cm2).
Alpha sensitivity: less than 2.5 MeV; 80% at 3.6 MeV.
Beta sensitivity: 35% at 50 Kev; 95% at 300 Kev.

  • Click for RM-60, RM-70, RM-80 Polar and Energy Response Graphs
  • Click for RM-60 manual (RM-60 manual includes info. about the DOS program Aw-Srad. For info. about our Windows program Aw-Radw, see Aw-Radw help file)
  • Click for RM-80 manual

    In addition to the RM-60/70/80, Aware Electronics has available:

    RM-G90 ($523) with a 10.5" x 0.8" gamma tube (9600 cpm/mR/hr, Cs137 gamma). First photo shows the RM-G90 plugged into the LCD-60. Third shows Gamma Sensitivity versus Dose Rate. Click on photos to enlarge:
    RM-G90 Scan Eight RM-G90s RM-G90 Gamma Sensitivity

  • Click for RM-G90 manual

    We also construct custom made radiation monitors, for example the RM-G90-3 with three RM-G90 type tubes. These have a gamma sensitivity of 28,800 cpm/mR/hr, Cs137 gamma, and operate the same as all our RMs, i.e. directly connected to a serial port, our USB-MSP and/or our LCD-90.

    When two RM-G90-3 devices are connected to our Coincidence Box and placed directly on top of each other, they provide a Cosmic Ray count rate of ~140 Counts per Minute.

    Click on photos to enlarge:
    RM-G90-3 Scan

    The RM-60 is excellent for general purpose monitoring of Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-ray, as described in the RM-60 brochure. Since the RM-70 & RM-80 alpha windows are approximately 10 & 24 times larger than the RM-60's alpha window, the RM-70 and RM-80 provide 10 and 24 times higher sensitivity to Alpha, Beta (for example Radon daughters) and/or lower energy X-ray. The RM-70 is slightly more sensitive to Gamma then the RM-60. The RM-80 is more than three times as sensitive to gamma. (Most geiger counters measure only gamma radiation).

    The RM-60/70/80/G90 and software are digitally locked to the tube. Each tube has passed all examinations, inspections, tests and calibrations including DCAS MIL- Q985A, MIL-E-I and appendix B of 10CFR50. Calibration is accomplished in accordance with MIL-STD-45662. Sources for calibration and/or dose rates have calibration traceable to National Bureau of Standards.

    CE Certifications:
    Emissions: EN 55011:98 + A2 (Class B emissions limits);
    EN 61326: 98 (Class B)RF Emissions Immunity: EN 61326: 98 (Annex C) Portable Test and Measurement Equipment;
    EN 61000-4-2: 95 (ESD);
    EN 61000-4-3: 97 (EM);
    ENV 50204: 95

    All tubes are halogen quenched. They are constructed of specially coated stainless steel, mica and ceramic. Joints are fused shut in a furnace with molten glass. They are very rugged. The RM-70/80 includes a screw-on stainless steel wire mesh cover to help protect the mica window from damage. The open area of the mesh is 72%. You can unscrew the cover, if so desired. The RM-60's stainless steel mesh is built into the case. The RM-60/70/80 case is ABS. You can cement ABS or PVC mounting brackets, etc. onto the case, using "Universal ABS-PVC" cement.

    The RM-280 with two 1.75" effective diameter pancake tubes mounted in ABS box ($479).
    The RM-480 with four 1.75" effective diameter pancake tubes mounted in a rugged aluminum housing with handle ($960).
    The RM-680 with six 1.75" effective diameter pancake tubes mounted in a rugged aluminum housing with handle ($1250).
    (AW-SRAD software, cable assembly, two adapters and manual are included with above items)
    The RM-70,80,280 and G90 can be ordered with weatherproofing, which includes hard wired 12 ft. cable and permanent sealing (case sealed shut with ABS to ABS fusion), for an additional $20.00. (Non-weatherproof versions include a modular jack built into the case, into which the cable snaps in place)

    Just like the RM-60, all models work with any 100% IBM compatible, including "Palm Tops" such as the H.P. LX100-200, "Notebooks", "Lap Tops", "Desk Tops", etc., or alternatively, with the LCD-90. All units covered by the same 5 year warranty as the RM-60 (tubes covered separately for 6 months) and include the 45 day money back guarantee.
    Also available: Energy compensated X-ray monitors:

  • Click for Aware's line of Energy Compensated X-ray monitors Flat from 50 kev to 1.5 mev., .1mr/hr. to 50 R/hr., $299;
    In Addition:
  • Click for Aware's high flux monitors (Link includes animated Decay Graph);
    (Also: 500V-700V-900V tubeless box with BNC connector, $199.50) (Intro. prices for a limited time.)
  • Click for RM-60, RM-70, RM-80 Polar and Energy Response Graphs
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