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    I want Aw-Radw to report results in the form of CPS (Counts Per Second) or CPM (Counts Per Minute).


    Instructions for CPS and CPM readings in Aw-Radw regardless of the TBU (time base unit) setting:

    CPS Readings:
    Aw-Radw Main Menu item "Rad Options" "RM Calibration Factor" set to 6000
    Aw-Radw Main Menu item "Rad Options" "Radiation Units Caption" enter CPS

    CPM Readings:
    Aw-Radw Main Menu item "Rad Options" "RM Calibration Factor" set to 100
    Aw-Radw Main Menu item "Rad Options" "Radiation Units Caption" enter CPM


    Can I run Aw-Radw on a MAC?

    Thanks - George


    Hello George,

    You have many options for running Aw-Radw on a MAC. You could use one of these techniques:

    Google Search

    Install the MAC driver for the USB chip inside the LCD-90 (and USB-MSP) from here:


    I installed your Aw-Radw program files (from the Aw-Radw.Zip) to folder C:\Program Files\Aware on my Windows Vista PC. When I run the program and try to launch the bitmap graph I get error "Can't find Aw-Graph". What's wrong?

    Thanks - Eino


    By default Windows Vista doesn't allow programs to write files anywhere under the C:\Program Files folder. Instead of copying\unzipping the Aw-Radw files to C:\Program Files\Aware, make a new folder, for example C:\Aware, and copy the files to it. You could also make a new folder to hold your data, for example C:\Aware\Mydata and direct the program to store data in that folder.


    Steve from IST was wondering how to run the PC from auto boot (he is a UNIX man). How can we run Aw-Radw windows software from the startup file? Also, do you know how to bypass the question when starting Windows 98 where it asks for name and password?

    Thanks - LZ


    To auto start Aw-Radw with each boot-up of Windows add Aw-Radw to your StartUp folder as follows:

    On the taskbar right-click the 'Start' button and then click 'Open'. Click the 'Programs' folder and then click the 'StartUp' folder. On the File menu point to 'New', and then click 'Shortcut'. In 'Command Line' type:


    where PATH is the path to the program as in C:\AWARE\AW-RADW -T

    Click 'Next'.

    In 'Select a name for the shortcut' type "Aw-Radw Auto Start"

    Click 'Finish'.

    How to bypass Windows 98 prompt for user name and password with Windows boot-up.

    The following can be found in Windows Help:

    To start Windows without logging on to a network, click 'Start' and then click 'Shut Down'.

    Click 'Restart' and then click 'OK'.

    When the Enter Network Password dialog box appears, click 'Cancel'. Note after you finish this procedure, you need to restart your computer before you can log on to the network.

    Probably the best option is to download Tweak UI from the Microsoft website (go to and do a search on Tweak UI) then install and run Tweak UI on the PC then click the 'Network' tab then check 'Logon Automatically at System Startup'.



    We have a RM-60 module here which we would like to use to monitor the radiation levels in our workplace.

    We would like to run the software in Windows so that it could write data to a shared drive on the network. This data will then be used by a dynamic webpage to allow everyone to view the current and past radiation levels.

    Would the Aw-Radw Software be able to handle this?

    Thanks - Alex


    Dear Alex,

    Aw-Radw includes everything needed for your application. For example this site: UMDNJ's server site is running Aw-Radw which is collecting data from an RM-60 plugged into a serial port on the server and is writing the raw radiation data to the drive. Every two points (2 minutes) Aw-Radw triggers a batch file which causes the included Aw-Graph.exe to generate bitmap files of the data and then Aw-Radw generates the gif files from the bitmap files. The batch file then copies the gif files to the web site directory such that when a browser opens the index.htm file, the updated gifs are displayed by the browser. The index.htm file includes java code which causes the browser to reload the gif files every 2 minutes.

    In your case if anyone with access to the directory uses a browser to open the index.htm file they will have a real-time plot of the data.

    Since Aw-Radw includes the ability to operate from command line switches, the entire process can be started from the server's Start menu such that if the server re-boots it will automatically start the above.

    For a copy of the batch file mentioned above ask for it when ordering.

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