Info. About Year 2038 compliance

UNIX time code is a long number representing the number of seconds since Jan. 1st 1970. UNIX time code is used throughout the C language. If the UNIX time variable is declared as a long rather than an unsigned long (as is standard practice in many C language tools including Borland C++ and Microsoft Visual C++), when the year 2038 rolls around the C - UNIX time functions will fail because at that point the long time variable will be treated as a negative number.

As of Feb. 5th 2001 Aware Electronics has re-compiled our software sets (including our Windows program AW-RADW.EXE as well as our standard dos program AW-SRAD.EXE and AW-GRAPH.EXE) with time variables declared as unsigned longs so we are good to go until 2099 at which point you will need to update your version of DOS. (DOS time fails after 2099).

You can test this feature by setting your PC's clock for example to year 2088. Notice all Aware Electronics programs report the correct date and time but many other C programs will fail.